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Bebelplatz becomes “Hamas Hostages Square”

On May 16th, the "Square of the Hamas Hostages" will be opened on Berlin's Bebelplatz. The press conference will begin at 11.00 am. The Square of the Hamas Hostages will be inaugurated by families of the abductees at 6.00 pm.

Berlin, May 10, 2024

For over 200 days, the terrorist organisation Hamas has held 132 Israeli citizens captive. Among them are women, children and infants. The opening of the square in Berlin is a loud call for the immediate release of the Hamas hostages.


From May 16th, the "Square of the Hamas Hostages" will be home to several installations, including the now internationally renowned large-scale "Sandclock", as well as a reconstruction of a Hamas tunnel in which the hostages are held. It has become a symbol of the hostages‘ expiring time in the Hamas tunnels. 


Initiators of this campaign are Melody Sucharewicz and the "For Yarden" foundation, which was set up by the Roman family. Their daughter and sister Yarden were held captive by Hamas terrorists for 50 days. Her husband, Alon Gat, was able to escape from the terrorists with his three-year-old daughter. Now Alon Gat is fighting tirelessly for the release of his sister, Carmel Gat, who is still being held hostage.


Melody Sucharewicz: "With the symbolic renaming of Berlin’s Bebelplatz we call on the public to campaign for the release of the hostages, among them some German citizens. They are suffering inhumane conditions, including rape and torture. And we appeal to German politicians to exert more pressure on the terrorists."


Alon Gat: "My sister, Carmel, has been held in hell for over half a year. The hostages must remain a talking point, both in Germany and abroad. They must not be forgotten. This is an international humanitarian crisis. Today it's my sister, tomorrow it could be you if we don't act together. I need the world to help me free my sister Carmel from the hands of the terrorist organisation Hamas." 



On May 10, 1933, the Nazis burned over 20,000 books at Berlin’s Bebelplatz. They were convinced that the volumes they had selected were of an "un-German spirit". This story is also a warning for the present. Since the October 7th massacres, Jews in Germany have experienced an immense increase in anti-Semitic crimes. Anti-Semitism may have no place in Germany. That is why the organizers very consciously chose Bebelplatz for the symbolic renaming to “Hamas Hostages Square”.


The campaign is supported by several organizations, including the German-Israeli Society (DIG e.V.), the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, the Schmucker family, Berliner Sparkasse, das Hostage Family Forum, the World Jewish Congress, The Hostage Family Forum, Zusammen Berlin, the Israeli Community Europe (ICE), MAKKABI Germany, the Jewish Student Union (JSUD) and the Young Forum of the German-Israeli Society (JUFO).  The Berlin hostage square will host following installations for several weeks, starting May 16:


  • "Sandclock of the hostages": A three meter high hourglass with the inscription "Time is running out" and "Bring Them Home" symbolizes the urgency behind the demand for the release of the hostages.


  • Reconstructed Hamas tunnel: A 20 meter long reconstructed Hamas tunnel illustrates the mortal danger and suffering the hostages are exposed to in captivity.


  • Empty chairs: 132 empty chairs. Each chair represents our beloved children, women, men and elders who were brutally kidnapped from their homes to Gaza by Hamas Terrorists on October 7th.


On the day of the Opening Event speeches from relatives of the hostages, politicians and representatives of civil society  are expected. 

Melody Sucharewicz sees the "Hostage Square" as a future platform for rallies in order to increase public awareness about the crucial endeavor to free the hostages.  The “Hostage Square” originated in Tel Aviv, in front of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where it was erected after the horrific massacre of October 7 2023.


Press conference: Where? Who is moderating / speaking? What will be shown? Tunnel?


The press conference will take place on May 16 at 11 am at Bebelplatz. There will be the opportunity to listen to the relatives and their supporters and to ask questions. 


For further information, interview requests and accreditation, please contact: 


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